Wine caves

The first wine caves built in Santa Barbara County!

Built in the mid 1990’s, Cottonwood Canyon was the first winery in Santa Barbara County to build wine caves!  Wine caves are subterranean structures built for the purpose of storing and aging of wine.  Benefits to wine caves include energy efficiency, water efficiency and space efficiency.  Wine caves naturally provide both high humidity and cool temperatures, which is key to the storage and aging of wine.  Burrowed beneath Cottonwood’s hillside, our cave temperature maintains a constant 62 ̊F with a humidity level rounding up to 95 percent.  This man-made cave is approximately 6,000 square feet with 475 linear feet.  The longest corridor in our cave extends 225 feet long.  Our caves were constructed with multiple levels of steel rod reinforcement, double lined and sprayed with shotcrete, a concrete substance twice the strength of normal concrete, making for a thickness up to 18” thick.  Our barrel capacity allows us to store up to 700 (60) gallon wine barrels.  Our philosophy is to process our grapes as naturally as possible; utilizing the near perfect conditions of the caves which allow the wine to develop in barrels without any interruptions.  To add additional character, owner and winemaker Norm Beko hand built our custom made wine cave doors out of a 200 year old redwood tree from an old Ohio bridge!

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